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Hello, and welcome to Brownie's Bow Tie Homepage.  My name is George Brown and I would like to thank you for clicking by.  This page is dedicated to Bow Ties. Here you will find pictures of my growing collection and links to some other sites dedicated to bow ties. I have just recently started wearing bow ties in place of the typical long tie.  I prefer the bow tie over the long tie primarily because the long tie was always in the way.  Always blowing in the wind, catching food and drink and always in the way when putting the seat belt on.  I have received more compliments on the bow ties than any other tie I own.  If you have ever thought about wearing one, stop by one of your finer menswear shops and give one a try.



What a welcome surprise I had show up in my mailbox several weeks. Linda Robertson up at Mainebows had decided I needed to get myself in gear and update my page so she sent me a couple new ties to preview to help me get going. I have to say, as always, the workmanship and quality are superb. They are both very beautiful ties. Since I am working with my wife now teaching 4 year olds during Sunday School class at our GREAT and AWESOME Church, First Baptist Church Jacksonville, I love wearing ties with cartoons and pictures as the kids just love them. First, we have the ever buzzing of the Flight of the Bumble Bee! The kids got a kick out this one as I told them the bees were making honey ;)  Next we have some hopping going on with the Frog Prince. I tried convincing the kids that if they kissed one of the frogs, it would turn into a prince but they were just not buying it ;) So a big thanks to Linda for two more awesome ties to keep the kids entertained. The love the ties too!!


As time goes by, things change. Change occurred recently to one of my favorite bow tie companies on the web, Mainebows. The original owners, Jim and Sally Goodsell, decided to sell the business and play golf and their longtime seamstress, Linda Robertson. For Jim and Sally, I wish sunny days for you whenever you desire to tee it up. For Linda, she has kept Mainebows one of the best options for those of us who like fine quality bow ties. She sent me a tie to try and as always, it is outstanding qualilty. I was able to pick the size and pattern and so I chose Dancing Cats! What a great start to my "kids collection" for my wife's 4 year old class she teaches on Sunday mornings during our Churches Sunday School hour where I will be assisting here starting in August. With such a huge selection to choose from in Linda's Animals and Insects collection, the kids will hopefully take a liking to Mr. Brown quickly :) Here I am wearing the Dancing Cats for the first time. Thanks again Linda! You have done a great job on the new site as well!


First a HUGE apology to Marv Beloff as I had promised to give credit where credit is due and he deserves the credit for the little spinning tie at the bottom of this page. That is HIS creation and I do apologize Mr. Beloff. Maybe now he might send me a tie this way to write about ;)

Second, with the closing of Jim's Bow Tie sales via the web, although I see he is back with some wonderful sale items ( and I happen to have 3 VERY lovely ties that by beautiful bride purchased for me from that sale - pics to come soon I hope) I will be posting some of the other sites that have made my in box, both via email and snail mail, for me to buy from. As always, I will be more than happy to do a write up about their ties, site and service if they are willing to donate a tie for the judging :)

Third, I don't know what happened to John Cutone of Boston Bow Tie, but if anyone does, please drop me a line. His link is dead and his email bounces back. I am sorry to see his site down.

And last, for now, an apology to Björn of Petrell Bow Ties, as I STILL don't have his tie that he sent me up here yet for all to see.



Oh my, has it been nearly two years since I updated this page. Well, yes I guess so. It has taken a new friend in the bow tie business to kick me in the pants and update my page. May I welcome Björn Petersen, of Petrell Bow Ties, at this time. He is on the Swedish west coast in Halmstad. He, along with his lovely bride, Maj-Lis, have had their business since the Spring of 2003. I hope to get a picture add here of me wearing one of Björn's ties on the site this week to show off his workmanship. Until then, please check out his English site (offered in Swedish as well) by clicking HERE: So don't delay! Put a Swedish twist is your wardrobe today.


Have thought about taking this from a "personal" format to a "mass" format and pushing for more online sites to participate in my reviews. I just got word from one of the oldest online companies, Carrot and Gibbs, that they would be interested in submitting a tie for write up as well (and hopefully some pics of their ties right here). I would love to even include some form of "interview" with the owners and pick their brains on how/why they got started in the bowtie business. So keep your eyes here for new things to come.


Here I am wearing one of Jack Cutone's (click for a picture) ties from Boston Bow Tie and LOVED it.  The pattern was very unique.  The tie was 100 % silk and burgundy as the main color with a rainbow of different single threads creating little curled lines throughout the fabric. Silk is always a favorite for most, but for me tends to be a no-no as I have a heavy beard.  Hence, the first time I wore tie, even though shaving that morning, the edges of the bow touched my neck and the threads of the little arches have already began to come free.  BUT, I seem to have this happen on every silk I own with the exception of one or two.  Nothing my very sharp little trim scissors can not handle ;)  Myself, I prefer other materials but most will settle for nothing less than silk.  You can not go wrong with this tie.  AND I LOVED, the way he has created the size selector, built into the tie for the neck size.  I set it to my 16-1/2" neck size and it worked greatFolks, you can not go wrong with a tie from Boston Bow Tie.

And here I am wearing one of my good friends Jim Goodsell's "DAD'S TIE" (click here for a picture), so named to honor his father who wore them till he died at age 93. They are very large bows which, as Jim told me, "looked great on him although he was short".  The pattern is called Music but I have not yet had my wife try to play this piece on her piano  ;) 

A big thanks to Jack and Jim for their very gracious donations to my ever-so growing tie collection.


I hope to update this section on a regular basis.  I believe I will place in this area as a "review" section for the ties from the companies you see on the left. I hope it is beneficial for all.  I am awaiting a tie from Jack Cutone of Boston Bow Tie and will have a write up shortly.


Jim comes through again.  I opened my mail box and to my surprise I found a Mainebows package with a new tie.  Now I was not expecting a tie at this time of the month so I was curious as to why the package was there. After opening it, I found a new batwing tipped bow with my local college football favorite, The University of Florida Fight'in Gators.  IT WAS GREAT!  I loved it.  I guess my lovely bride had mentioned to Jim about wanting to find some material to send up to Mainebows to have the Gator tie made.  Well Jim found a long tie with the school name and logo and had the tie made for me. What a great tie. Thank You Jim!


My good friend Jim Goodsell, aka The Bowtie Man,  of Mainebows, has come up with a great idea for those of you who are switching to bow ties from long ties but just can't stand the thought of giving up your favorite long tie because of the great pattern, here is a new twist to creating your own bow tie: Convert.  Convert that favorite long tie into your new favorite bow tie by allowing a Mainebows Maine seamstress to give them new life.  Click here for all the details.



I hope that you enjoy the page. I encourage you to try a bow tie. I love mine and dread the thought of having to go back to a long tie. Come back often as I will try to keep adding some new pics and sites.  And if, by chance you have any bow ties that you would like to get rid of, just write me at the email address below and I will be more than happy to take them off your hands.  Or should I say necks.

  If you have comments or suggestions, email me at